Sunday, July 3, 2011

I've created a new blog

In order to try to get myself blogging again, I decided that I wanted to create a blog for the things I am doing in my backyard -  This will contain just about everything I do in my backyard from my vegie patch through to whatever else I end up doing.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Against the grain

I have a very different view to most people on diet and exercise.  I firmly believe that it's not calories in Vs calories out.  It's all to do with insulin so blood sugars and the carbs people ingest to raise their insulin and blood sugar levels.  Exercise is not a key to losing weight.  Yes exercise is good for your heart and makes you feel good and has lots of other benefits, however it is not the key to losing weight, what you put in your gob is but not in the way most people think!

A good article to read on the issue would be this:

Gary is about to bring out another book called "Why We Get Fat"  It's a more simplistic read of his book called "The Diet Delusion" aka "Good Calories Bad Calories" which I have and it was not an easy read!  All the science involved in that book made it a slow read and I often had to re-read parts but it was extremely educational.  I'm also going to buy his new book once it's out.

A review of his new book by the Boston Globe ( has this quote from the book
Describing what he calls “the 20-calorie paradox,’’ he points out that for a lean 25- year-old to gain 50 pounds by the time he is 50, all that is needed is to consume exactly 20 calories more that he burns per day, every day. This is “less than a single bite of a . . . hamburger or croissant. Less than 2 ounces of [soft drink] or the typical beer. Less than three potato chips.’’ If calories in-calories out was all there was to it, “you [would] need only to rein yourself in by this amount — undereat by 20 calories a day — to undo it.’’
Or, perhaps, to exercise more. Except that increased physical activity doesn’t always seem to result in weight loss.

When you get into the science of it all it becomes really interesting and makes a LOT of sense.  Our bodies aren't designed to eat all this processed crap we eat!  Eat whole natural foods and be healthy!  This means no flour, wheat, sugar etc etc.  Sticking to it though in this day and age can be difficult but so far since Tuesday I've stuck to it and lost 1.2kg's and I've done no exercise.  I know it works and I feel great w/out all the processed crap in my system - that's enough for me :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I have been doing well with the gym!  I've not been more than 1 day w/out going and I've been loving it!  Unfortunately though I currently have Pharyngitis (like Tonsillitis but a different part of the throat) which means I have had to take a few days off :(  It's amazing how when you feel crappy and have lumps in your throat how you just don't want to exercise.  i should be right to get back to it hopefully on Thursday or Friday.

Last year I was seeing an allergy specialist about a constant cough that I have.  He changed my asthma meds and the cough is a LOT better but it's still there and it's very embarrassing when I cough a lot at the gym.  Today I finally had my appointment with the Respiratory Specialist that the allergy guy referred me to.  He thinks that It's most likely  reflux!  That a lot of people can suffer reflux and not actually be aware of it but one of the symptoms is a cough, although I do suffer from it but not badly most of the time.  I need to try reflux medication for 8 weeks and go back to see him, if that doesn't work then I need to try anti-histamines for 8 weeks and then go back and see him if that then doesn't work I will need to go have surgery and have a camera put down my throat to see if it is bronchitis - I hope it's just reflux!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!!

I know that I keep saying this but I have been very very slack in posting.  I think mostly it comes down to the fact that I use twitter and facebook so much these days - oh well whatever the cause I'm going to try my best this year to blog more!!

I'm taking charge of things this year.  I look back to where I was a year ago and the mess I was in and the turn around to where I am now is just amazing!  It really is.  This time last year (well in a few days time anyway) I was walking into my Dr's office to tell her that I just wasn't coping with life and I needed help.  A few days after that I was then given two weeks off work due to stress because of the treatment that I was getting at work from my then manager.  To think back on how awful all that was and to realise where I am now today I have come a LONG way this year!!

I'm not going to stop though!!  Oh no!!  The progress is going to keep coming this year! I've joined a gym again!  Yes true, a gym!  No I haven't been yet but I signed up before the new year to get the deal they had going.  I'm going to start using it though from thursday or Friday this week.  I have an appointment on Saturday morning for a program to be written up and then come Monday when I'm back at work I will start the whole working day and then gym routine again!  I'm going to get fit and feel a lot better about myself so watch out 2011 I'm going full steam ahead at life and I'm going to have a LOT of fun this year!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I got on my bike last week, true!  I did a 35 minute ride on Saturday afternoon and boy didn't my body know about it!  3+ years ago it would have been bugger all distance but this time it was HUGE!  I did 11.3 km's in that time and afterwards I had a 20 minute nap.  I then went to a BBQ for dinner and ended up going home at 9pm due to being exhausted!  It was the kind of exhaustion I would have previously felt from a 4-5hr ride.  Oh well I am extremely unfit so it's not really a surprise but it's a start!

This week I've managed to not call in sick at work during that time of the month.  It truly is amazing that I've been able to get through with nurofen+ although there was a few moments today when I really wasn't in a good space but I had work to do and needed to be in the office.  It's good to know that when U have something to focus on I can get through it which is nice.  I will be having another scan soon and speaking the specialist to see if I need surgery or not - time will tell.

Two weeks ago I did a weekend course for my level 2/state level qualification for being a Commissaire - I've submitted my work book and I sure hope I pass - I really enjoy Commissairing and everything that goes with it.  Although on Saturday having to DQ someone and call and ambulance and issue a warning wasn't so great.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I did a 2hr training thing today on Self Leadership - I then emailed my boss (who is in Sydney) to say that I need some changes made and that I am lacking direction and motivation. I got someone to read the email before I sent it - I sure hope it helps fix certain things.

After years and years of the same crap you often feel helpless and very defeated - it's time to stop feeling like a victim and to go about trying to change their behaviour to! This is within the circle that I can control and influence!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

oh, hello

Gawd it's been faaaaaaar too long and I'm so sorry!!  How I have missed thee!  Lots of good things happening though!  I really need to do a catch up post but for now I have this I need to say....

I've had a reaction to something today :( My breathing is impacted - nothing too serious but it's far from normal - I hope the extra asthma drugs will help and kick in soon though :( It's been happening since just before leaving a picnic.  The picnic was awesome :) I've had one of the best weekends I've had for a long time! 

I just had some more drugs, a shower and complete change of clothing - lets hope that helps a bit - it's hard to describe but it's not like it's really bad as in I need to go to hospital kinda thing at it's current point but it's not normal.  It's hard to explain - when sitting in a chair at a computer or watching tv you shouldn't be aware of your breathing as it just happens, but when you have an asthma flare up you notice it and become aware of each and every breath to different degrees and you then become stressed and concerned about it which then can make it worse - I'm not too concerned about it as in life n death or anything as I'm familiar with how I my body works/deals with it but it isn't comfortable or normal and that bothers me - but then maybe I don't think about it being too extreme because I'm more used to it... Now that I am thinking about it, I think of my asthma as an annoying thing that slows and inhibits my breathing but I don't associate that with not breathing and what that could lead to  :shock:   

For my asthma I have to take drugs twice a day every day - my drugs ran out last weekend and I hadn't realised until I got to the point where I could notice my breathing during the Sunday afternoon.  so I took more of my drugs and it didn't really do much and then I realised that the count on the contained was down to 0 - durr!  I got more and I was fine again. 

Tonight is kinda like that but worse and I don't know what has triggered it which is even more annoying! :(

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I just want to know

I saw my GP today and after some discussions with her I have been doing some internet research on a few  things and I found this snap shot from this page very interesting:
If your symptoms are due to PMS, the following pattern should occur:
  • Symptoms are experienced in the two weeks before your period starts
  • Symptoms resolve with the period
  • Once the period is over, you experience at least seven days with no symptoms
  • Symptoms start to return about mid-cycle or in the week before your period starts.
Seeing as today I told my GP that for the week after my cycle I feel normal but then from mid cycle onwards I can be all over the place - this sounds like it could be the problem - I will know more after all the results come back from the test taken today and the test being done tomorrow.

Now to research ways to try to minimise PMS

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's unusual for me

I have been in a really weird and bizarre head space the last week or two.  I've had this longing, almost an ache to no longer wanting to be single, I realise some people might find this admission sad or something, but it's true.  I'm normally really good at either ignoring it or blocking it out but for some reason I can't seem to lately and it's really  bugging me - time to keep myself even extra busy so I can't think of it.  I also don't know how I would manage to allow someone close to me anyway, that involves being open and vulnerable and the like... how do people deal with that?  I spose if it's the right person then you don't need to think about it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm still around, just not here as such

It's been a while since I've written here and I've been trying to work out why, I think it's because I am on twitter a fair amount these days and I seem to get things out of my head that way instead - if anyone is interested, this is where you can find me there