Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I just want to know

I saw my GP today and after some discussions with her I have been doing some internet research on a few  things and I found this snap shot from this page very interesting:
If your symptoms are due to PMS, the following pattern should occur:
  • Symptoms are experienced in the two weeks before your period starts
  • Symptoms resolve with the period
  • Once the period is over, you experience at least seven days with no symptoms
  • Symptoms start to return about mid-cycle or in the week before your period starts.
Seeing as today I told my GP that for the week after my cycle I feel normal but then from mid cycle onwards I can be all over the place - this sounds like it could be the problem - I will know more after all the results come back from the test taken today and the test being done tomorrow.

Now to research ways to try to minimise PMS


vince said...

Hello Lisa love your photography. Love to see. More of your work. Hope your feeling fine. Vince south morang.

RayMeds said...

What kind of symptoms you got??

Like a bad stomach pain or always feeling anxiousness,....

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