Sunday, October 24, 2010

oh, hello

Gawd it's been faaaaaaar too long and I'm so sorry!!  How I have missed thee!  Lots of good things happening though!  I really need to do a catch up post but for now I have this I need to say....

I've had a reaction to something today :( My breathing is impacted - nothing too serious but it's far from normal - I hope the extra asthma drugs will help and kick in soon though :( It's been happening since just before leaving a picnic.  The picnic was awesome :) I've had one of the best weekends I've had for a long time! 

I just had some more drugs, a shower and complete change of clothing - lets hope that helps a bit - it's hard to describe but it's not like it's really bad as in I need to go to hospital kinda thing at it's current point but it's not normal.  It's hard to explain - when sitting in a chair at a computer or watching tv you shouldn't be aware of your breathing as it just happens, but when you have an asthma flare up you notice it and become aware of each and every breath to different degrees and you then become stressed and concerned about it which then can make it worse - I'm not too concerned about it as in life n death or anything as I'm familiar with how I my body works/deals with it but it isn't comfortable or normal and that bothers me - but then maybe I don't think about it being too extreme because I'm more used to it... Now that I am thinking about it, I think of my asthma as an annoying thing that slows and inhibits my breathing but I don't associate that with not breathing and what that could lead to  :shock:   

For my asthma I have to take drugs twice a day every day - my drugs ran out last weekend and I hadn't realised until I got to the point where I could notice my breathing during the Sunday afternoon.  so I took more of my drugs and it didn't really do much and then I realised that the count on the contained was down to 0 - durr!  I got more and I was fine again. 

Tonight is kinda like that but worse and I don't know what has triggered it which is even more annoying! :(

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J Wilson said...

Have you tried the Buteyko method for breathing ? I tried it and although I only had mild wheezing beforehand its really helped my breathing. Others on the course had worse asthma and it helped them.
In fact one of the two main people taking the course here in Scotland was an Australian guy Paul someone. Although the course cost £350 for the week of evening classes which was masses of money, they let you sit through the first night for free and if it hadn't helped you after a month you could get your money back. It really helped me with my breathing, light breathing and panicky breathing. Also its possible you were picnicking near something like Rape Seed plants - the yellow fields you see here. They have many allergens in the air around those fields - this is proven and I actually find I cant stay awake if I am near those fields !