Friday, January 28, 2011

Against the grain

I have a very different view to most people on diet and exercise.  I firmly believe that it's not calories in Vs calories out.  It's all to do with insulin so blood sugars and the carbs people ingest to raise their insulin and blood sugar levels.  Exercise is not a key to losing weight.  Yes exercise is good for your heart and makes you feel good and has lots of other benefits, however it is not the key to losing weight, what you put in your gob is but not in the way most people think!

A good article to read on the issue would be this:

Gary is about to bring out another book called "Why We Get Fat"  It's a more simplistic read of his book called "The Diet Delusion" aka "Good Calories Bad Calories" which I have and it was not an easy read!  All the science involved in that book made it a slow read and I often had to re-read parts but it was extremely educational.  I'm also going to buy his new book once it's out.

A review of his new book by the Boston Globe ( has this quote from the book
Describing what he calls “the 20-calorie paradox,’’ he points out that for a lean 25- year-old to gain 50 pounds by the time he is 50, all that is needed is to consume exactly 20 calories more that he burns per day, every day. This is “less than a single bite of a . . . hamburger or croissant. Less than 2 ounces of [soft drink] or the typical beer. Less than three potato chips.’’ If calories in-calories out was all there was to it, “you [would] need only to rein yourself in by this amount — undereat by 20 calories a day — to undo it.’’
Or, perhaps, to exercise more. Except that increased physical activity doesn’t always seem to result in weight loss.

When you get into the science of it all it becomes really interesting and makes a LOT of sense.  Our bodies aren't designed to eat all this processed crap we eat!  Eat whole natural foods and be healthy!  This means no flour, wheat, sugar etc etc.  Sticking to it though in this day and age can be difficult but so far since Tuesday I've stuck to it and lost 1.2kg's and I've done no exercise.  I know it works and I feel great w/out all the processed crap in my system - that's enough for me :)


kungfudonut said...

interesting blog :)

gusDon said...

True, keeping the body to keep fit is important. Sometimes we do not realize that health actually make us always productive...
Maintaining that balance is difficult, but it must be fought!

Funky said...

Totally have to agree with the sentiments written here....have you checked out the "harcombe" diet? works on the same principle of losing the processed rubbish from our diets.
Well done on the weight loss. It's not easy to always stick to no processed food in our diets but I reckon the more we practice the easier it will become.
Best wishes xx

kris said...

I think this is why people like the paleo diet... I'm with you!